Community Education

Master Gardener™ Articles in The News Review

Every Friday, articles written by Master Gardener™ volunteers are published in The News Review. These articles are usually in the form of “Ask a Master Gardener™” where our volunteers answer gardening questions from the community and give research-based information in their detailed and educational responses. Archive of MG Articles

Plant Clinic at the Farmers Market

Every Saturday, June through August, Master Gardener™ volunteers have a booth at The Umpqua Valley Farmers Market in Roseburg. They’re able to answer your gardening questions along with providing information about our program.

Spring Into Gardening Conference

We host an annual conference of lectures on numerous gardening topics, open to the public with the option to attend up to 4 sessions with one flat fee.


We host regular workshops that are generally free for the public to attend, check out the OSU Extension website for a full calendar of events.

Other Outreach Opportunities

Our volunteers regularly work with other non-profit community partners to offer educational programming, consultation, or horticultural assistance. Contact us for more information.