The Plant Clinic

At the Plant Clinic we answer a wide range of questions about home gardening. We diagnose plant problems; identify insects and plants; and answer general garden and orchard management questions.

📖 Plant Clinic Horticultural Library (organized by subject) [PDF][Excel]


The Plant Clinic program is operated by volunteers who staff the Master Gardener™ office in the OSU Extension Service building at 1134 SE Douglas Ave, Roseburg, OR (next to the Douglas County Courthouse).

Plant Clinic Hours: 1pm-4pm

The Plant Clinic is staffed on a seasonal basis, see the schedule below for the operating days of the week throughout the year.

MonthOperating Days of the Week
JanuaryMonday & Wednesday
FebruaryMonday, Wednesday & Friday
MarchMonday, Wednesday & Friday
April through SeptemberMonday through Friday
OctoberMonday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday
NovemberMonday & Wednesday
DecemberMonday & Wednesday

OSU Extension Service Office Hours: 8am-5pm (for sample or soil drop off)

Plant Clinic volunteers are only authorized to help home gardeners. Small farms, livestock and forage farmers, and woodland owners with agricultural issues should contact the OSU Extension Office directly to speak to an Agent for help (541) 672-4461.

Insect Committee

Nearly 25% of the calls to the Plant Clinic concern possible plant damage from or problems with insects and other arthropods. With over 1 million identified species of insects worldwide and an estimated 15 million possible species total, this would seem an impossible task but an analysis of Plant Clinic data for Douglas County shows that 90% of the insect questions involve only about 50 insects and spiders.

While most Master Gardeners have no problem identifying the usual bugs brought into the clinic, the job of the Insect Committee is to supply aids and books to help with this task. The committee also identifies those uncommon insects that occasionally show up. The committee meets on the first and third Monday of every month if needed.

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