DCMGA Awards

Association Awards

2013 International Master Gardener™ Conference Marje Luce Search for Excellence Award in recognition of our association’s Plant Clinic volunteer training program.

Annual Membership Awards

The DCMGA Awards Committee holds nominations for several awards recognizing exemplary volunteers within our organization. Below is a history of these awards that are given out at our annual Awards Social.

YearMaster GardenerAward
2023Dawnetta LoomisMaster Gardener of the Year
2023Joy KeelingBehind the Scenes Award
2023Patrice GlasscockOutstanding Rookie of the Year
2021/2022Bonnie CourterMaster Gardener of the Year
2021/2022Kish DoyleMaster Gardener of the Year
2021/2022Nancy FullerMaster Gardener of the Year
2021/2022Bonnie DurickBehind the Scenes Award
2021/2022Bruce GravensBehind the Scenes Award
2021/2022Ann SeversonBehind the Scenes Award
2020Ruth StaffordMaster Gardener of the Year
2020Ernie AmabiscaBehind the Scenes Award
2020Ivor ChapmanBehind the Scenes Award
2020Dave ClarkBehind the Scenes Award
2020Mark SchmollBehind the Scenes Award
2020Ray WarrenBehind the Scenes Award
2020Bonnie DurickHorticultural Agent’s Award
2019Fred AlleyMaster Gardener of the Year
2019Kathy HartBehind the Scenes Award
2019Steve HartBehind the Scenes Award
2019Kish DoyleHorticultural Agent’s Award
2019Bruce GravensHorticultural Agent’s Award
2018Vicki McAlisterMaster Gardener of the Year
2018Carol BoltBehind the Scenes Award
2018Nita NettletonOutstanding Master Gardener Apprentice
2018Richard JohnstoneHorticultural Agent’s Award
2018Denise FennellHorticultural Agent’s Award
2018Dave HopkinsHorticultural Agent’s Award
2018Sharon HopkinsHorticultural Agent’s Award
2018Betty IsonCertificate of Excellence
2017Chris RuschMaster Gardener of the Year
2017Sharon BordeauxOutstanding Master Gardener Apprentice
2017Julie StanberyHorticultural Agent’s Award
2016Toni RudolphMaster Gardener of the Year
2016Elva SellensBehind the Scenes Award
2016Jude StenslandOutstanding Master Gardener Apprentice
2016Chris RuschHorticultural Agent’s Award
2015Sharon HopkinsMaster Gardener of the Year
2015Gale RobinsonBehind the Scenes Award
2015John DennyBehind the Scenes Award
2015Ann SeversonOutstanding Master Gardener Apprentice
2015Nancy FullerOutstanding Master Gardener Apprentice
2015Bonnie CourterHorticultural Agent’s Award
2014Barbara RobinsonMaster Gardener of the Year
2014Dave HopkinsBehind the Scenes Award
2014Denise FennellOutstanding Master Gardener Apprentice
2014Jen BaileyHorticultural Agent’s Award
2014Gale RobinsonHorticultural Agent’s Award
2013Judy MercerMaster Gardener of the Year
2013Pamela BarrowsBehind the Scenes Award
2013Jackie CarpenterBehind the Scenes Award
2013Karen GlatzOutstanding Master Gardener Apprentice
2013Shirley PurcellHorticultural Agent’s Award
2012Mik CarlsonMaster Gardener of the Year
2012Bonnie CourterBehind the Scenes Award
2012Vicki McAlisterOutstanding Master Gardener Apprentice
2012Maureen BeniceHorticultural Agent’s Award
2011Maureen BeniceMaster Gardener of the Year
2011Marianne MajorBehind the Scenes Award
2011Eileen KelleyOutstanding Master Gardener Apprentice
2011Sharon HopkinsOutstanding Master Gardener Apprentice
2011Judy MercerHorticultural Agent’s Award
2010Karolyn RiecksMaster Gardener of the Year
2010Anne WaddingtonBehind the Scenes Award
2010Ken HaysBehind the Scenes Award
2010Debbie HesseltineOutstanding Master Gardener Apprentice
2010Karolyn RiecksHorticultural Agent’s Award
2009Larry SuttonMaster Gardener of the Year
2009Linda ThamesBehind the Scenes Award
2009Barbara RobinsonOutstanding Master Gardener Apprentice
2009Gale RobinsonOutstanding Master Gardener Apprentice
2009Geneva CroftHorticultural Agent’s Award
2008Shirley PurcellMaster Gardener of the Year
2008Irene ThomasonBehind the Scenes Award
2008Jim IvyOutstanding Master Gardener Trainee
2008Dave HopkinsOutstanding Master Gardener Trainee
2008Jack WrightHorticultural Agent’s Award
2007Gloria AmordeCounty Master Gardener of the Year
2007Maureen BeniceOutstanding Master Gardener Trainee
2007Betty IsonHorticultural Agent’s Award
2007Tasha KingAbove & Beyond Award
2007Patti LangilleAbove & Beyond Award
2006Mildred GumMaster Gardener of the Year
2006Leo GrassBehind the Scenes Award
2006Karolyn RiecksOutstanding Master Gardener Trainee
2006Paulette ZwirnOutstanding Master Gardener Trainee
2006Larry SuttonHorticultural Agent’s Award
2005Barbara MacPhersonMaster Gardener of the Year
2005Bill DeckerBehind the Scenes Award
2005Leslie FarrellOutstanding Master Gardener Trainee
2005Larry SuttonOutstanding Master Gardener Trainee
2005Mildred GumHorticultural Agent’s Award
2005Leo GrassHorticultural Agent’s Award
2004Philece HumphreyMaster Gardener of the Year
2004Jack MachuliesBehind the Scenes Award
2004Irene ThomasonHorticultural Agent’s Award
2004Ray & Caroline LinkHorticultural Agent’s Award
2003Lilian LockwoodMaster Gardener of the Year
2003George McIntyreBehind the Scenes Award
2003Elaine MoriartyOutstanding Master Gardener Trainee
2003Bill DeckerHorticultural Agent’s Award
2002Chuck & Diane AielloMaster Gardener of the Year
2002Marvin CoxBehind the Scenes Award
2002Judi DanielsonOutstanding Master Gardener Trainee
2002Leo GrassOutstanding Master Gardener Trainee
2002Tasha KingHorticultural Agent’s Award
2001Sandy BeckMaster Gardener of the Year
2000Roger SawyerMaster Gardener of the Year
1999Jack WrightMaster Gardener of the Year
1998Bill & Pearl AndersonMaster Gardener of the Year
1997Julie StanberyMaster Gardener of the Year
1996Andy AndersonMaster Gardener of the Year
1995Bud CrugerMaster Gardener of the Year
1994Judy ByrdMaster Gardener of the Year
1993Sam LeeMaster Gardener of the Year
1992Emogene AthertonMaster Gardener of the Year
1991Covie QuickMaster Gardener of the Year
1990Betty IsonMaster Gardener of the Year
1989Calvin PetersonMaster Gardener of the Year
1988Clinton AthertonMaster Gardener of the Year
1987Jack HausotterMaster Gardener of the Year
1986Emil JohnsonMaster Gardener of the Year
1985Neil WymerMaster Gardener of the Year
1984Karl CarlsonMaster Gardener of the Year

Oregon Master Gardener Association Awards

The Oregon Master Gardener Association (OMGA) recognizes volunteers throughout the state annually, awarding exemplary Master Gardeners in several categories. Douglas County Master Gardener volunteers have been awarded at the state level since 1986 and nominations are entered for consideration from our chapter annually.

YearMaster GardenerAward
2021Chris RuschMaster Gardener of the Year
2017Tasha KingBehind the Scenes Award
2012Larry SuttonMaster Gardener of the Year
2012Leo GrassBehind the Scenes Award
2007Richard JohnstoneBehind the Scenes Award
2005Sam LeeOSU Extension Cooperator Award
2001Jack WrightMaster Gardener of the Year
2001Stew AveryBehind the Scenes Award
2000Julie StanberyMaster Gardener of the Year
2000Dorothy RobertsBehind the Scenes Award
1998Bob MoldenhauerBehind the Scenes Award
1995Betty IsonMaster Gardener of the Year
1994Betty IsonLady Bug Award
1993Clint & Emogene AthertonMaster Gardener of the Year
1986Karl CarlsonMaster Gardener of the Year

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