The Entry Rose Garden

An entry garden should deliver a special impact, grab the attention of the visitor, and draw them in to explore more. Our Entry Garden does just that. Enter through a metal sculpted gate and you are greeted by rows of lovely, fragrant rose bushes. Daylilies, lace-capped and oak-leaf hydrangeas, and vibrant azaleas and rhododendrons border the walkway as well.

Plant List


Scientific Name/ParentageCommon NameRose Class
(Rosa sempervirens x Mlle. Marthe Carron) x PicassoBonicaShrub Rose
Rosa hybridaSumaWeeping Shrub Rose, Groundcover
Rosa hybridaGigglesMiniature Rose
Rosa hybridaDavid Austin ‘Teasing Georgia®’English Climbing Rose
Rosa hybridaJean KenneallyMiniature Rose
Rosa hybridaIrresistableMiniature Rose
Rosa hybrida ‘ Playboy x Hybrid of Rosa soulieana’FlutterbyeShrub Rose
Rosa hybrida ‘City of San Francisco x Olympiad’Week’s ‘In The Mood™’Hybrid Tea Rose
Rosa hybrida ‘Granada x Garden Party’Double DeliteHybrid Tea Rose
Rosa hybrida ‘Julie Newmar x Top Notch’Week’s ‘Vavoom™’Floribunda Rose
Rosa hybrida ‘KORsavale’Mercedes KordanaMiniature Rose
Rosa hybrida ‘Little Darling x Westmont’Magic CarouselMiniature Rose
Rosa hybrida ‘Morsegold x Jacpoy’DisneylandFloribunda Rose
Rosa hybrida ‘Night x Charlotte Armstrong’MirandyHybrid Tea Rose
Rosa hybrida ‘Playboy x Picasso’Betty BoopFloribunda Rose
Rosa hybrida ‘Pot O’Gold x seedling’Week’s ‘Sunset Celebration™’Hybrid Tea Rose
Rosa hybrida ‘POULtop’Carrot TopMiniature Rose
Rosa hybrida ‘Red Planet x Pharaoh’OlympiadHybrid Tea Rose
Rosa hybrida ‘Robin Hood x Virgo’IcebergFloribunda Rose
Rosa hybrida ‘Seaspray x Dreaming’Sexy RexyFloribunda Rose
Rosa hybrida ‘Seedling x Prima Ballerina’Fragrant CloudHybrid Tea Rose
Rosa hybrida ‘Sun Flare x Peppermint Twist’FlirtatiousFloribunda Rose
Rosa hybrida ‘Tournament of Roses x seedling’CandelabraGrandiflora Rose
Rosa hybrida ‘Voodoo x About Face’Week’s ‘Anna’s Promise®’Grandiflora Rose
Rosa hybrida ‘Love Potion x Sweet Inspiration’Jackson and Perkins ‘Our Lady Of Guadalupe’Floribunda Rose
Rosa rugosa x sombreuilBlane Double De CoubertRugosa Rose

Scientific NameCommon Name
Camellia japonicaCommon Cammelia ‘April Dawn’
HemerocallisDaylily ‘Lady Lucille’
HemerocallisDaylily ‘Chicago Maid’
HemerocallisDaylily ‘Trahlyt’
HemerocallisDaylily ‘Chance Encounter’
HemerocallisDaylily ‘Overnight Sensation’
HemerocallisDaylily ‘Kwanzo’
HemerocallisDaylily ‘Stella De Oro’
Hydrangea hybridaHydrangea ‘Preziosa’
Hydrangea macrophyllaMophead Hydrangea
Hydrangea macrophyllaMophead Hydrangea ‘Big Daddy’
Hydrangea macrophyllaLacecap Hydrangea
Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Bailmer’Hydrangea ‘Endless Summer®’
Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Berlin Rabe’Hydrangea ‘Cityline™ Berlin’
Hydrangea paniculata ‘Grandiflora’Panicle Hydrangea ‘Pee Gee’
Hydrangea quercifoliaOak-leaf Hydrangea
Jasminum multiflorumStar Jasmine
Pachysandra terminalisJapanese Spurge
RhododendronRhododendron ‘Taurus’
Rhododendron ‘Hino-crimson’Azalea ‘Hino-crimson’
Rhododendron hybridumAzalea ‘Caroline Gable’
Rhododendron hybridumRhododendron ‘Roseum Pink’
Rhododendron ponticum ‘Variegatum’Variegated Pontic Rhododendron
Syringa pendaLilac ‘Bloomerang®’